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Friday, August 30, 2013

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So I said next time I worked on my wedding favors I would make a tutorial for it so here it is!

  1. Gather all your items! I ordered the jars from here. I found the Armour Etch glass etching kit at Michael’s. And then I bought a blank stencil and using my geometry skills make six separate Triforce stencils for the jars. Also pictured is my small container of silver Rub ‘n’ Buff. I still need to get gold.
  2. Clean the jar surface with a clean towel to get off any prints/dirt/dust/whatever. Carefully place the stencil over the area. It takes a little practice to get the stencil to lie flat but it is easy to master and this is the hardest part.
  3. Get whatever glass etching solution you desire.
  4. And follow the instructions on how to use the solution. Cover the area heavily with the solution and wait the instructed time.
  5. Clean off the solution and carefully pull the stencil off the jars and place back on the mat. Make sure to completely dry off the jars.
  6. For the Rub ‘n’ Buff, grab a q-tip and a flat cotton pad.
  7. Put some Rub ‘n’ Buff on the q-tip, a little goes a long way, and rub over the etched area. Remember to work quickly so the color does not dry on the non-etched glass.
  8. Take the flat cotton pad and buff off the extra paint. If you happen to notice that it is taking a little bit of elbow grease to buff off of the non-etched areas, grab a dryer sheet and rub it against the opposing paint. It should come off and re-buff with the cotton pad again.
  9. And here you go! Repeat on each jar and you have your own Triforce potion jar!

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